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Would you like to experience a massage that is designed for you only?
Is a full body, therapeutic massage that makes you feel calm again, what you seek?

Portsmouth NH Massage TherapyThen let me, Sandy Tucker, help restore your whole body to balance.  I am a results based massage therapist.  In my therapeutic massage and bodywork sessions, I strive to provide relaxation, plus relief from muscular discomfort, injury and chronic pain.  My specialties are back massage, neck massage and shoulder massage.

With certification in Chinese massage and Western massage, I design a bodywork session that combines shiatsu massage, neuromuscular massage and/or sports massage to work deep into the muscles thus releasing the cause of the problem.  Eleven years of practice and being a guest lecturer at a local massage school means you can expect the best in personal service.

I feel blessed to be one of those lucky people who get paid to do what they really enjoy.  There are few things more rewarding than helping someone feel better through massage therapy.  Except perhaps receiving a great massage.  Give me a call today.

"I find that Sandy's blending of Eastern and Western traditions of massage, are an amazing combination of both healing potential and stress relief. If not for Sandy's abilities I would not be able to do my job nearly as effectively as I can now."

Shawn Shapiro DC, Port City Chiropractic P.L.L.C.
Portsmouth, NH

Massage Therapy Top 12 FAQs

How old is massage?
Massage is among the oldest treatments used by man.    Chinese records 5,000 years old documented its use.  The ancient Hindus, Persians, Egyptians and Greeks used massage for some ailments.  Hippocrates recommended the use of friction and rubbing for joint and circulation problems.  Massage today is an accepted part of many rehabilitation programs, sports conditioning programs and geriatric programs. Massage and bodywork help relieve the stress and tension of everyday living.
How many types of massage are there?
There are more than 150 variations of massage, bodywork and somatic therapies.  Each culture has its variety.  The most common in the USA are Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular massage, trigger point therapy, Japanese shiatsu, Chinese acupressure and reflexology.
How do I find a qualified massage therapist?
In New Hampshire, all massage therapists must graduate from 750 hours of training certified by the state of New Hampshire, pass a national written examination and a state practical examination, hold a current first aid and CPR card.  Additionally, the therapist must take 12 hours of continuing education every year before renewing his/her license. The license must be displayed at their practice location.

In Maine, all massage therapists must graduate from 500 hours of training, pass a written national examination; hold a current first aid and CPR card.  The license must be displayed at their practice or carried on a wallet card.
Can massage or bodywork benefit me?
Massage provides relief to all types of people – weekend or competitive athletes, nurses, teachers, tradesmen and women, fire fighters and police officers, wait staff and bartenders.  Overstressed executives and administrative assistants trying to keep up with the workload in today’s business environment benefit from the calming and tension relief of massage. Relief of muscle tension helps one attain deeper sleep. The older population benefits from enhanced flexibility and circulation, improved balance and reduced pain often caused by inactivity.
Will massage help reduce stress?
When stress overtakes us, muscle tension is the body’s natural reaction.  We automatically shift into the “fight/flight” response.  The blood stream is flooded with adrenalin so we can either fight for our lives or run for our lives.  Today’s society does not allow us to dissipate the adrenalin. So, we stay stressed and muscles remain tensed.  A relaxation massage milks the muscles of adrenalin, lactic acid and toxins generated in the fight/flight response.  When those toxins are gone, the brain calms and stress is released.  A one hour relaxation massage can bring back the person you used to be.
What is sports massage?
In sports massage the therapist focuses on the muscles used in your sport or occupation to obtain optimal performance, increase power, endurance and mobility.  Sports massage helps reduce repetitive stress injury during training and speeds post-event recovery. Sports massage is used during training, in pre-event warm-ups and post-even recovery and normalization.  Sports massage is also used to relieve muscle spasms and fatigue-related injuries.
What are common causes of sports injuries?
Injuries are commonly experienced when an individual has overtrained, failed to warm up sufficiently, receives trauma, has muscular imbalances, poor flexibility, mineral deficiencies, inadequate endurance, or simple does too much too soon. Insufficient muscle strength and poor muscle tone may also lead to muscle injury or tears.
Can massage relieve my neck pain?
Massage can help relieve neck pain caused by things like muscle tension, holding your head forward while working on a computer, holding the cell phone to your ear with your shoulder, grinding your teeth, slips or falls, or “sleeping funny”.  For these situations, either Chinese Tui Na or trigger point therapy seems to be very effective. It is always best to check with your to make sure it is a muscular problem.
Can massage help relieve my shoulder pain and give back my range of motion?
In many cases, massage can help alleviate shoulder pain and increase range of motion, if the problem is muscle spasms.  Shoulder pain is caused by holding muscles tight as if trying to squeeze your head off with your shoulders.  This situation happens in a number of ways, for example holding a phone to your ear with your shoulder, typing on a computer keyboard on top of your desk with your elbows out from your sides, slouching when you sit, walk or stand.  Chinese Tui Na proves to be very effective in these situations. Tui Na works the pressure points then stretches the muscle to relieve spasms. You may want to check with your doctor or chiropractor to be sure the problem is muscular.
Can massage reduce the pain at the base of my neck and between my shoulder blades?
Pain between the shoulder blades, if muscular, is often caused by slouched posture with head and shoulders forward. In that position, the muscles in the back of the neck and between the shoulder blades are strained holding up the head and to go into spasm causing pain.  Tui Na massage with stretches can release the spasms, reduce the pain and return range of motion.  Of course, it is always best to check with your health care provider to make sure the issue is muscular.
Can massage help my aching lower back?
Low back pain is caused by a number of issues. Some are structural (bone) issues.  Some are muscular.  In either case, nerves are being “pinched” between something. The most common muscular cause is spasms in the gluteal (buttock) muscles which attach to the sacrum (the flat bone in the middle of the low back). The most effective forms of massage for this issue are Tui Na, trigger point and neuromuscular massage.  These forms focus on releasing the spasm in the muscle fiber causing the muscle to relax.  Tui Na adds therapeutic stretches to insure the muscle has completely released.  As always, it is wise to check with your doctor or chiropractor to make sure it is a muscular issue.       
Will my insurance cover massage?
If you are in a car accident or have a job-related injury covered by workmen’s compensation, insurance may cover massage and bodywork when prescribed by a physician.  If your insurance covers chiropractic or osteopathic services, massage and bodywork may be covered when prescribed by a chiropractor or osteopath. Therapies prescribed by a physician or registered physical therapist are sometimes covered.  The best thing to do is check with your insurance company for exact coverage.

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